Shenzhen Hoverstar Innovations Technology Co. , Ltd.
Shenzhen Hoverstar Innovations Technology Co. , Ltd.
Technical Support

Technical Support

H3 Installation

Operation of Hover Ark H3

This video made by Hoverstar shows you how to use the Hover Ark H3, including the following content:

1. Operation Steps

2. Compass Calibration (optional)

3. Automatic Return

4. Lost Contact Automatic Return

5. How to Charge the Ark

H5 Installation and Use

Installation/Charging of H5 and the Remote Control

This demo video shows the user the installation and operation of H5 including:

1. Unboxing of H5

2. Unwrapping of the Board

3. Front Wing Installation

4. Stabilizer Installation

5. Stabilizer Adjustment

6. Mast Installation

7. Mast + Fuselage Installation

8. Battery Installation

9. Matching of Remote Control

10. Power ON/OFF of Remote Control

11. Recharging of Remote Control

12. Charging of the Board Battery

13. Change of Adapter Fuse