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Water Sports Products

Water Sports Devices

Havospark believes nobody should be afraid of water. With the easiest, user-friendly, and safe surfing or diving devices, everyone should be able to enjoy the fun on or under the water. And that's what our water sports products including Havospark sea scooters, foils, mini scuba tanks are designed to be like. Through using Havospark water sports products, what used to be difficult, adventurous sports are turned into easy games that you can experience in nearby seashores, rivers, and lakes. Three-fourths of the surface of the Earth is comprised of water - ocean, lakes, rivers, and so on. Let's find some time to explore the extensive beauty of our planet with Havospark.

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    Hover Foil H5-P
    Electric Hydrofoil
    An eFoil that allows you to experience the feeling of flying above the water. No wind, waves, or even experiences are required. Hop on and enjoy!
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    Hover H5-F
    Electric Hover Surfboard
    This motorized surfboard allows a much wider range of users to enjoy the thrill of surfing, as it is easier to maintain balance, thus requires much fewer skills, and also it doesn't need wind and waves to ride on.
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    Swimming Kickboard
    The Halong is a motorized swimming kickboard that has been designed to keep children and your family entertained, happy and on their way to becoming great swimmers! built to perform stellarly as a mot...
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    Pedal Powered Water Bike
    The Croco-1 water bike is a high performance pedal-powered bike that allows you to ride in traditional bicycle position to enjoy sports on any peaceful water. Made of aluminum alloy with baking varnis...
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  • 05
    Rigid Inflatable Boat
    The Salis-1 Rigid inflatable boat (RIB) is a multi-purpose boat incredibly portable and easy to assemble in minutes. The inflatable air floor is quite rigid and can accommodate 4 to 5 people at a time...
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    Hover Skubber W1
    0.5L/1L Mini Scuba Oxygen Tank/Mini Air Tank for Diving/Pool
    0.5L/1L mini scuba diving tank containing pressurized air that allows everyone to breathe freely under shallow water.
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  • 07
    Diving Propulsion System
    Meet the DivBoost, the world's first diving propulsion system that can completely free the diver's hands.
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    One of World's Smallest Jet Boat
    Meet Hover Mini Jet Boat, one of the most compact miniature-sized self-powered boat in the world. Capable of traversing shallow waters and powerful rapids, it is fast-speed, agile and powerful dingy t...
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What Equipment do You Need for Water Sports?

What Equipment do You Need for Water Sports?

First of all, before heading to any water sports, we suggest, or as required in many places, having life jackets or wearable gears (Personal Floatation Devices) for safety concerns. Depending on your weight and size, it is important you choose the proper one that can keep your head afloat while allowing you enough room for easy movement of your limbs.

For beginners of water sports who wish to go under the water, we recommend snorkeling or casual face diving, which would require snorkeling mask, fins, or mini scuba tanks. For those who have enough swimming skills and are confident enough, they can explore deeper under the water for diving and that, excluding free diving, would usually require water sports products such as scuba tanks, or DPVs, sea scooters that make them travel quicker under the water. The equipment for kayaking, stand-up paddle boards, and wake surfing usually can be rented, but would typically need some training and practicing before having some real fun.

What are the Benefits for Water Sports?

As a great form of exercise, water sports can work almost every part of human body. In this way, you can burn calories the natural way, increases your metabolism and your fluid intake. Water sports such as swimming, diving, and snorkeling improve joints flexibility and bone density, as these parts of your body will be naturally lubricated and strengthened. 

Additionally, water sports is good for your mind as well as body. Practicing a water sport is a great way to keeping out stress and anxiety, as water typically has tranquil quality.

What are the Benefits for Water Sports?
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Interested in fast and reliable water rescue devices? Or cool water sports products? Feel free to contact us any time, and we will reply as soon as possible.


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