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Anti-Drowning Vest
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Anti-Drowning Vest

An inflatable safety vest for swimming is so lightweight that you almost feel nothing when wearing it. Hit the side button and the air bag will bring you out of danger in a few seconds.

Features of Inflatable Life Vest for Swimming

  • Small size for wearing, easy to bring with you, and feels cooler than the traditional life-saving jacket.

  • Durable inflatable airbag which pops out fast with a simple pulling of the lever.

  • U-shaped buoyancy can be used to support the neck for lifesaving.

  • 1-second inflation.

Anti-Drowning Vest
Anti-Drowning Vest

Features of Inflatable Vest for Swimming

Specifications of Anti-Drowning Inflatable Safety Vest for Swimming Vest

Load capacity


Initial buoyancy


CO2 air cartridges

Special salt spray anti-rust treatment 360H(1 twin pack)

Size (inflated)


Net weight


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