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Choosing the Right Electric-powered Surfboard

Choosing the Right Electric-powered Surfboard

1. Battery life of electric-powered surfboards

Choose according to your requirements for the speed of the electric-powered surfboard or the duration of use. The faster the surfboard, the weaker the battery life will be, and the battery power consumption will be accelerated when used at high speed. A slower surfboard will have a longer battery life. Some good batteries can last from 45 minutes to over an hour with normal use. Battery-powered surfboard with weaker batteries last about 20 minutes on average.


2. The thickness, weight, and length of the electric-powered surfboard

There is a significant relationship between board thickness and the stability it provides. Greater buoyancy and safety are achieved when there is more foam on the board. Of course, depending on the design, the board thickness does vary in different areas, and therefore, the board's agility will vary accordingly. If you are a novice, this may be a difficult choice, it is recommended to take an experienced person to buy with you.

Because surfboards are made from a variety of materials, it would be wrong to say that a larger size means a heavier motorized kickboard. It depends on how you surf; many people find that larger boards are easier to control. While others may feel that smaller boards are more stable.

Board weights range from 10kg to over 40kg on average. The height may generally be the height of a person. If you're tall, consider a longer board. To stand on a board, you need to be able to perform proper balancing movements and stand with your legs extended. Wider and longer boards stretch better for taller people and vice versa. Basically, the more weight you have, the more power the motor needs.

3. The shape and price of the electric-powered surfboard

The shape of an electric surfboard is also a feature that you need to pay attention to before purchasing an electric-powered surfboard. Shapes also come in different varieties depending on use, such as rectangular or oval, classic surfboard shapes and others. These factors have an impact on speed, but also on ease of use.

Lastly, price-wise, every powered surfboard can vary wildly. The price range is from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands or even higher. Of course, the higher the price, the higher the features and product quality you usually get. Because the battery life and speed of expensive boards are unmatched by cheap boards. Each different electric-powered surfboard shape will give you a unique feel and experience, so make sure you choose the one that is right for you.

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